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Even the most experienced web designer could use a review of the basics. While it may seem easy to find information on the basics, sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you realize just how many sites offer information on the topic. Fear not, the following article will satisfy your interest in learning. The tips which appear below will give you ideas for your website which will help you take it to the top of your niche!

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Web Designer St. Petersburg FLAlways be aware of the size of your webpages and keep them as small as possible. If your site loads slowly, users with slower Internet connections might decide that the wait isn’t worth it. Users will be quick to leave a website that has pages that take too long to load.

Go through all links on any page on your website carefully to make sure there are no links that are broken before you upload the page. Nothing is more frustrating to a visitor than clicking on a link and being taken to an error page. You could check for broken links yourself, or get a program that scans and reports broken links for you.

Take the time to do keyword research. Of course, you must provide valuable and relevant content however, you can optimize it with judicious use of excellent keywords. If you want your site to be successful, you must understand how to use keywords properly.

It doesn’t matter nearly as much as what your website looks like as much as it matters that the files listed are on the smaller side. There is a direct correlation between file page and sizes load times. You want your site to load as quick as possible. There are still people who will be using your website that do not have a high-speed connection. Test to be sure that even computers with slow dial-up modems can connect quickly to your website.

Make sure your navigation is easy. Your placement of navigation links on your pages will determine the length of your visitor’s stay. The navigational structure must beneat and consistent, and easy to access for your users to have a better experience.

Do not forget to test your site on several major browsers. Every browser sees sites a little differently, since these can affect the user experience. A little bit of research will help you decide which browsers are used most often, at that time. Test your website on all of these browsers, including the popular mobile web browsers.

Check link integrity on a regular basis. Check links on a regular basis as you are designing, and make sure to perform a check before uploading your site to the server. You need to check links frequently because visitors will click on your links. If many of your links are broken, visitors will give up on exploring your site. Make sure everything is in working order to keep this from happening.

You can be a good designer, if you master the basics of web design. Because the basic knowledge can be found in a variety of places, it is not always that easy to locate. The article that was shown above should have provided you with a useful list of tips to start making great websites.